EBT SNAP Cash And Food Benefits

How does the customer use their benefit card


A recipient can use his her EBT SNAP card to make purchases at participating retailers. Food Stamp benefits can only be used to purchase food items authorized by the USDA SNAP program. Cash Benefits may be used to purchase any item at a participating retailer, as well as to obtain cash-back or make a cash withdrawal from a participating ATM. In U.S all SNAP benefits are now being issued via EBT.


What are the benefits of accepting EBT SNAP


The EBT SNAP (also known as the Food Stamp Program) can increase your customer base with the ability to accept EBT SNAP cards – a rapidly growing payment method that accounts for more than 80% of food source for government-issued benefits in many states. As of November 2009, 1 out of 9 Americans and 1 in 4 children are using SNAP and the program rate grows at about 20,000 people a day.


How can Elite Bankcard Solutions help Merchants become authorized 


With powerful payment processing from Elite Bankcard Solutions, merchants can accept EBT SNAP cards and help boost their business earning potential and increase their customer base. Benefits from programs such as Women/Infants/Children (WIC) and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) card owners can also withdraw cash at stores that accept EBT cards. Many industry experts predict that a businesses ability to accept EBT SNAP cards will only grow increasingly important as EBT  SNAP cards become used to issue benefits such as social security.


How do Merchants apply to become an authorized retailer


All merchants will need to complete an application for a food stamp permit, a separate food stamp permit is required for each store location. If the merchant owns multiple stores, an application for each store is required.  The following documents will need to be included in the EBT SNAP application package:

1. Food Stamp Program Application for Stores, Form FNS-252

2. FNS Field Office Cover Letter

3. Combined Store Eligibility Criteria Fact Sheet and a Checklist


Note: Merchants cannot accept Food Stamp Benefits until their store has been licensed under their ownership and has become authorized by the USDA, FNS. However, EBT Cash Benefits can be accepted while your EBT Food Stamp Benefit permit application is being processed.




What is EBT SNAP Cash and Food Benefits


EBT or Electronic Benefit Transfer is an electronic system that allows state governments to provide financial and material benefits, which includes Food and Cash benefits through a plastic debit card. Food Benefits are authorized by federal law which allows the recipient to purchase only food and non-alcoholic beverages. Food Benefits were also called Food Stamps and has been renamed to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Cash Benefits include State General Assitance, TANF benefits, and refugee benefits.







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